PFIn the framework of the signed agreement with the manufacturer for minilabs sheet plant diagnostics company CONSILIUM SP. Z O.O. became the official representative for the demo and dissemination of research photometers to assess coefficient spectral transmittance.

The device is aimed at entrepreneurs engaged in agricultural activity in growing crops, trees and other plants, and individual farms.

  • The principle of operation of the portable laboratory is based on:
    Chemical Law – Robert Hill Reaction – the photochemical reaction of chloroplasts extracted from plant during lighting reflects specularly the reaction of chloroplasts in natural photosynthesis;
  • Physical Law – Beer–Lambert–Bouguer law – increasing of photochemical activity of chloroplasts is characterized by increased allocation of free oxygen. Its color dye chemical change causes the optical density of the solution to be measured.

The portable laboratory allows:

  • to determine the actual contents of elements in plants;
  • to compare data of the contents of the plant with needs and allows to conclude about the excess or shortage of each element.

On the ground of the measurements done recommendations for fertilizing a soil substrate on which crops are grown are made.

The measuring effect of the device is based on the change of optical density of physical solutions under the light influence combined with chemicals (N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, Cu, B, Zn, Mn, Fe, Mo, Co, J).

The level of training is not essential for analysis, agronomists practitioners.

The duration of the research is 30-40 min. in place of growing crops without visiting specialized laboratories.

We suggest to order a demo research with portable leafy functional diagnostics laboratory.

For purchase or details on a portable laboratory, please contact:


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