Consilium LLC (TM “CLM Consulting”) supports the programs of public security, health and an active life manner. We support the efforts of national legacy, education and development of young Scientists. As the base of our social activity are researches in way of development of social responsibility of the Business and Society.

During many years our command is performing the research in Economics, Technics, Psychology, Philosophy. All our results we pass to youth by holding the studies for students in educational institutions in Poland and Ukraine, and also share the results for Courses and Trainee Participants, which are organized by Consilium LLC.

However, these initiatives of our company are associated with the introduction of electronic money (e-money) payment method instead of paper money, the manufacture of which spent considerable natural resources and there is the environmental impact when transporting cash around the world. In addition, the replacement of cash with e-money is associated with the prevention of money laundering (legalization) of income obtained by criminal means and financing of terrorism, because the illegal activities are often accompanied by the cash payments turnover of which it is advisable to control, but it is difficult.

Stimulating the development of e-money, among other things, will also help to improve working conditions of employees directly involved in work with cash, because through the use of electronic money the workers have no contact with dirty (in the literal sense of the word) money, the amount of time spent servicing the client is reduced, and therefore emotional stress of cashiers, which is also can be the potential to make an error in the recalculation of banknotes. These problems are absent when operating with electronic money.

With the results of our research in direction of social responsibility you can be familiarized in Section Programs and Projects.