The Company offers the next types of services:

  1. Professional investigation for business.
  2. People’s pension provision planning.
  3. Consultation and assistance in banking and insurance services.
  4. Consultation and assistance in accounting (analytical accounting, reporting etc.).
  5. Legal counseling on business and other scopes of activity.
  6. Organization of Trainings and Scientific conferences abroad for Universities lecturers and researchers.
  7. Extension courses.
  8. Publication of scientific research results in international scientific professional Journal abroad.


Our values:

  1. Professional competence. All that we know and able to do we’ got as the selfless toil in various areas of Economics, Mathematical sciences and modern information technologies. Therefore, we understand our clients’ needs.
  2. Openness. We listen each our client and share our knowledge and skills in compliance with his individual needs.
  3. Regular development. We permanently improve our knowledge and skills for our clients be fully confident in modern information society and be ready for professional challenges on nowadays.